Calypso Hunt & Draw:
Partly oceanic M-Class Planet viewed against the background of nebula space.

Arkadia Hunt & Draw:
Mostly temperate continental M-Class Planet viewed against the background of nebula space.

Rocktropia Hunt & Draw:
Mostly arid continental M-Class Planet viewed against the background of nebula space.

PFEU Commemorative Hunts

Thursday, ISO: 2024-April-25, 01:57 hours, UTC.

ISO: 2014-Nov-22: PFEU Calypso Hunt #200

We arranged something special for our 200th Hunt on Calypso lead by Merc. With thunder and lightning, fire and ice -all flickering on yonder horizon- it was safe to say that there was a mind-storm brewing.

This was to be a very special hunt, being Merc's 200th on Calypso and we managed to make it even more so by expanding the usual team of six to a much more formidable team of eight. Admittedly, we warned participants to take their headache tablets and, as it turned out, there were four no-shows who had to be scratched. Just as well we had a pool of 22 registrants, from which to draw the team. Loadout and team invites ran from 22:30 to 23:55 due to the complication of getting most of the team chipped. But, get underway we did and the team was flown in two helicopters out to Fort Fury where we made war upon the mighty feffoid clans.

Alpha SquadBravo Squad
  1. [Thunder]:    Tanna Dusha Suslevich
  2. [Lightning]:  David Antek Deny
  3. [Fire]:             Arien Rho Da
  4. [Ice]:                zen Barabasz master
  1. [Thunder]:    Venus Succubus Lilim
  2. [Lightning]:  Hakura Hakura 53i
  3. [Fire]:             Vladimir Sitronics Evtushenkov
  4. [Ice]:                Major Redeye Green

Descending from the high ground of Fort Fury to the lightly wooded swamplands, we received a chilly reception from the feffoids. At first they stood off but then, when we got too close, they tried to rush us all at once. Some of the extra medics we had on hand were happy to double as fire support to keep the extra feffoids off our backs while the team, operating as two squads, let those feffoids know just how we felt about getting the cold shoulder from them. We backed up just a little and started singling out individuals which we would provoke so as to draw them into our ambush. From the first icy breath, the gathering night was lit up with fire and lightning whose amber and blue reflection sparkled off our teams own ice and kinetic attacks.

Loadout included the chip, 10k Synthetic Mind Essence and, if necessary, a Neopsion-10 implant to mount the chip. In spite of the considerably higher ammunition consumption of the chips, the hunt spanned 48 minutes from the opening volley to the declaration of open weapons just prior to the close of the hunt. Thanks to the assistance of a full squad of medics (BuBBles BuBBleWRaPmAn Vonshmit, Viktoria Violet Shard, Dr SCILOCK jnr, and Darius Ming Slart), neither Alpha nor Bravo squads suffered any fatalities during this period - although things did get a little rough after the close of the hunt.

ISO:2014-Mar-23 PFC, Calypso, Hunt #100 (Sunday): Knife at High Noon

The team was drawn from only 6 registrants due to MindArk's time shift (possible confusion of GMT with UTC; GMT having an astronomically incorrect annual DST variation). Being Merc's 100th hunt for the PFC on Calypso, this was a commemorative hunt on the grand scale. Today we would show those atroxes what a knife can do in a gun-fight, so we staged out of Jurra Plateau. Loadout for this hunt was a Castorian Survival Enblade-A for everyone with a surprise prize at the end. Gallia Catara Seven provided pest control while Tarcoula Stormdancer Uluru assisted with surgery in the Intensive Care Field Unit.

This hunt saw some legendary action in which we took down several atrox including a level 24 atrox guardian – and it actually yielded a little loot. We did have one wipe-out when the team overextended itself – but it was a good hunt and I think the participants enjoyed slicing up some atrox. As a surprise prize, to celebrate Merc's 100th Hunt on Calypso, all participants received a Quad Wing Interceptor (L) at the end of the hunt.

ISO:2013-Nov-28 PFC Hunt #50: Thanksgiving Scorpion-Roasted Atrox Hunt

The PFC Thanksgiving Scorpion-Roasted Atrox Hunt went surprisingly well. Initially, one of the team wanted to advance on the targeted prey but this was soon nipped in the bud. The early part of the hunt saw mostly tagged and drawn prey and then, the atroxes began to spawn in close. The team handled this surprisingly well – until a level 20 Atrox (Old) crashed the party. Even then, ignoring the higher level atrox, the team was able to finish off level 17-18 beasties even when down to three or four gunners, thanks to the pest control service provided by Gallia Catara Seven. Of course, the people made it back from revive, and the team regrouped and things kept going. Falkieri assisted with surgery which kept the team going when Merc wasn't leading the team into ambush situations.

Due to some issues with one of the hunters, the hunt itself began late. Due to issues with Merc's flying, there were two fatalities on arrival at 04:11. We were in position by 04:17 and shooting started at 04:18. The very first atrox killed carried no loot. The team killed a total of 14 Atrox. During the hunt, itself, we had 8 fatalities and the hunt drew to a solid close at 05:03 after the team ran too short of shooters with ammunition to keep up with the atrox's regeneration while using only Scorpions. Consequently, they switched to bigger weapons and finished the last kill. The team had their SI Scorpions repaired by Catara in the Jurra Plateau Service Centre at around 05:20 and had dispersed by 05:30. All in all, the hunt, itself, lasted around 45 minutes.

ISO: 2013-Oct-19 PFC Hunt #33: High Noon Rubio Hunt

Good turnout for the hunt and we took the team to PA west gate, as a last minute change from West Orthos Mound, to hunt the Spider Bombers (a good challenge for 6x Rubio team), Exarasaur, Snablesnot, and Attackers. No fatalities and a good hunt.